Common sense, sound judgment, reasonable maturity of character and emotional stability are traits which may indicate a vocation to the Religious Life. 
(cf. Directory D68)


In discerning one’s vocation a basic indicator is whether one fulfills the requirements for that particular vocation.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is an excellent companion in discernment and she gives us the perfect model of docility to the will of God at the Annunciation in her fiat ("let it be done").  She can teach us how to be trusting, open and generous with God.  The Holy Rosary and the recitation of the Angelus are ways of inviting her to be our Mother, our Model, and our Intercessor.

In discerning a vocation to religious life, it is helpful to:

   • spend time in prayer

   • attend daily Mass as often as possible

   • make your Confession regularly

   • spend time in silence before Our Lord

   • consulting with a spiritual director (advisable).  Developing a Rule of Life is also very helpful.

To be considered as a candidate in our community, a woman must fulfill the following requirements:

   • Be a Catholic woman and faithful to the Holy Father and the Catholic Church

   • Age: 21 or older (upper age is decided on an individual basis)

   • At least a High School diploma

   • Free from canonical impediments including debts

   • Docility to learn and be taught

   • Positive disposition and ability to get along with others in community

   • Willingness to embrace a life of on-going conversion

   • A desire to give oneself totally to God

   • Zeal for sharing Christ with others and openness to the Holy Spirit

   • Generosity in responding to the call of God

   • Compatibility with our charism as it is lived in this Priory

Before admission as a Postulant you would need to submit:

   • the application form

   • three letters of recommendation, one from a priest who knows you well

   • records of baptism and confirmation

   • proper reports showing sound physical, mental, and emotional health

   • if you have been married and are not a widow, a decree of annulment