About All Saints Sisters

Our Priory is set in the rolling green hills south west of Baltimore where we have prayed and worked since 1917. This is our spiritual center and permanent home.

Our Life

Our vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience form a three fold chord of love by which we are bound to God in the context of our Community.

Sharing Christ

Our Charism: Prayer is the heart of the contemplative attitude of our charism, and we hold our life of prayer to be of the greatest importance to our growth in faith, hope and love.


Common sense, sound judgment, reasonable maturity of character and emotional stability are traits which may indicate a vocation to the Religious Life.


Welcome to All Saints Sisters of the Poor.

We invite you to browse our website, where you will find information and inspiration about our life and work.

DAILY Mass –  9 AM

Saturday and sunday- 7 AM