If you are considering a vocation to Religious Life, you may have some questions.  Here are some that are often asked:

1.  How do I know that God is calling me to the religious life?

What may start as an unsettling idea becomes a reoccurring thought. The person with a religious vocation increasingly finds that there is a restlessness of spirit that only the things of God seem to fill. Marriage may be attractive, but there is the question of whether or not God has something else in mind. A few questions to consider include:

• Are you happy, yet find that deep within you there is an unfulfilled longing? With all that you have, is there is a sense that it is not enough?

• Do you feel drawn to daily Mass and more prayer than your present schedule permits?

• Do you enjoy sharing your faith with others, most especially those who are searching for God?

• When you first considered religious life, did the idea catch you off-guard, like someone who has been picked out of a crowd and responds, “Who me?”

• Do you find that you possess a great love for the Church and her teachings?

• When you have contact with priests and religious, is there a sense of connection, an attraction to the joy and conviction they possess?

If you answered affirmatively to the above, you will want to consider the next question.

2. What can I do to discern God’s call more deeply?

In discerning a vocation to religious life, you need to be:

• spending time in prayer

• attending daily Mass as often as possible

• making your Confession regularly

• spending time in silence before Our Lord

• Consulting with a spiritual director is advisable.  Developing a Rule of Life is also very helpful.

3. I have just recently converted to the Roman Catholic Church and wonder if your community would consider me or do I have to wait for 3 years before asking?

Yes, we consider converts, but give yourself time to become well grounded in the Catechism of the Catholic Church before considering a vowed life according to the Evangelical Counsels.

4. Doesn’t entering Religious Life mean making a sacrifice?

Yes, there is sacrifice which varies with the individual.  Your friends and family may criticize your idea of entering this way of life.  Sacrifice in union with our Lord and His Cross brings great peace and joy.

5. What are some of the basic requirements for acceptance into this community?

• Be a Catholic woman and faithful to the Holy Father and the Catholic Church

• Age: 21 or older (upper age is decided on an individual basis)

• At least a High School diploma

• Free from canonical impediments including debts

• Willingness to embrace a life of on-going conversion

• A desire to give oneself totally to God

6. Would you accept a widow?

Yes, if she does not have any dependents.

If you believe our Lord is inviting you to consider the consecrated life, you will want to contact our Vocations Director: info@allsaintssisters.org and ask about coming to visit the Priory.