• Remember us in your daily prayers

• Pray for an increase in vocations to our Community

• Check our blog for our special prayer needs


We invite others to join us for the Eucharist and for the Liturgy of the Hours and offer them spiritual guidance and retreats. We also share our Chapel, Priory and grounds in a spirit of hospitality that the light of Christ may shine to His glory and the healing of our wounded world.

Times are set aside for our prayer which we regard as both a privilege and a responsibility, as we pray within the heart of the Church as its representatives.  The love of Christ is the end and aim of all our prayers, words, and works.

• If you live nearby, why not join us for Daily Mass or take time to pray one of the hours of the Divine Office. (See A Day in Our Life for times.)

• Join us for a Personal Pilgrimage Day or for an Overnight Retreat.

• Let us pray for you and your intentions.  Click here to submit prayer requests