Our Priory is set in the rolling green hills south west of Baltimore where we have prayed and worked since 1917.  This is our spiritual center and permanent home.

The Priory is outside Catonsville at the end of Hilton Ave. in an area once known as “Orange Grove”.  We are surrounded by 90 acres in fields plus some acres of wooded land which are tucked into the land of the Patapsco State Park.

This is an ideal location for those called to a life of prayer and quiet service, consecrated to our Lord and perfected in the Love of God and neighbor

We treasure:

•   Christ centered lives

•   interpersonal love and union

•   disciplined interior lives centered around the Eucharist and Divine Office

•   a spirit of kindness toward one another and strangers

•   wearing our traditional habit

•   ordinary daily work as the channel of God’s love