Our life in community is to be a sign of the presence of the risen Christ, of reconciliation in Him, and it points to the final gathering of his people at the parousia.”  (Constitutions, Article 37)

In a life lived for our Lord, and in unity with one another, we find there is great diversity among us of both personalities and talents. In offering of ourselves we discover our own skills and personalities and happiness are enhanced and the Church is enriched.

As All Saints Sisters we quite frankly enjoy one another.  We have lively minds, good laughs and fine appetites.  We pray well and laugh readily.  Mirth is an ingredient ready to hand!

Our community life is also centered upon:

• peaceful trust in the love of God for our needs with the true joy only our Lord Jesus Christ can give.

• a time of daily recreation among the sisters as well as other times of Community celebration.

• Shared responsibility for the various ordinary aspects of our life – such as cooking, cleaning, sewing, laundry – with a sense of mutual support.

This life of prayer and fellowship enables the Sisters to engage in ministries such as retreat work and spiritual friendship towards those outside the Community.